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Pick the membership that gives you the savings and choices you want, and help others do the same with our referral program.

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  • JOIN FOR FREE with no pressure or commitment.
    • Save $100s with discounted prescriptions (for free) & get 24/7 mental health support, big shopping discounts and more with our Member Assistance Program (for just $5/month).
    • Get additional service information and pricing. (Our service providers won't contact you unless you contact them.)
  • UPGRADE TO A PLUS OR PRO MEMBERSHIP to get what you need from our entire catalog of services, and renew each year to continue getting the savings and services you want.
    • Memberships easily pay for themselves with the savings you receive from using our services.
  • GET REFERRAL REWARDS when you help other people.


  • YOU SEND SOMEONE AN EMAIL with your Easy Next Steps referral link in it.
  • THAT PERSON RECEIVES AND OPENS THE LINK to learn why you think Easy Next Steps can help them.
  • THEY JOIN and get their FREE membership.
  • WHEN THEY UPGRADE TO A PAID PLUS OR PRO MEMBERSHIP, you automatically receive 20% of their annual membership fee (for as long as they remain a paid member of Easy Next Steps).
  • YOU CASH OUT your referral rewards or donate them to charity.